West Virginia Wesleyan College
59 College Avenue
Buckhannon, WV 26201
(304) 473-8542
FAX: (304) 473-8543

664 men/798 women
39 men/68 women
Graduate School (MBA):
43 men/21 women

Number who applied:
Number accepted:
Number enrolled:
Average SAT scores:
V 514 M 507
Average GPA:
3.19 (unweighted)
Freshman retention rate:

$200 Activity
$300 Technology/base
$500 Technology/laptop
$100 Orientation
$50 Graduation

Freshmen receiving aid:
Average financial aid package:

Student-faculty ratio:

All of the College's library holdings are accessed via computer terminals, and additional resources can be obtained on-line from more than 220 million sources and a number of CD data bases beyond Wesleyan.

Wesleyan's Community Council, one of the first community governing bodies in the country, is comprised of peer-elected student officers, student organization representatives, and members of the College administration, faculty and staff. This group has long been recognized as an effective force in bringing about change and fostering debate on campus issues.

In partnership with IBM, all entering students at West Virginia Wesleyan College are provided with ThinkPad laptop computers for academic and personal use. The fiber optic system insures rapid Internet and e-mail access from all its buildings, including residence hall rooms, classrooms, and labs.

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West Virginia Wesleyan College
59 College Avenue
Buckhannon, WV 26201

West Virginia Wesleyan College
Located in the heart of West Virginia Wesleyan's
campus is Wesley Chapel.

College Description
Founded in 1890 by the Methodist Church, West Virginia Wesleyan College is now a learning community of more than 1,600 students from 35 states and 29 countries, studying with 78 full-time faculty members. Located in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in the geographic center of the state, the campus is readily accessible via a north-south interstate highway. A quaint residential area, Buckhannon was featured in Norman Crampton's work, The Top 100 Best Small Towns in America, a Random House publication.

All entering West Virginia Wesleyan students are now provided with an IBM ThinkPad laptop computer. Wesleyan, the only college in the region to be a participant in the IBM ThinkPad University system, provides its students universal, on-line access to Internet services via a state of the art, campus-wide, fiber-optic network. The College has been recognized as only one of 35 institutions in the nation currently utilizing ubiquitous computing capabilities.

Academic Life
The College's educational program is firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition and encompasses an unusually comprehensive and diverse curriculum. Wesleyan's academic program begins with a broad base in various core courses designed to enrich students' world view. Students may select from more than 50 majors and courses of study in the liberal and fine arts, professional programs in education, nursing, and business for undergraduates, and an MBA program for graduate students, most of whom are area business people.

The Honors Program is offered for academically superior students who meet specific requirements and are willing to commit themselves to an endeavor that affirms the highest ideals of a liberal arts education. Challenging, yet rewarding, classes as well as culturally enriching outings are offered through the year to students in this program.

The 4-1-4 calendar is a popular feature at Wesleyan. During the optional January Term, students may either concentrate on extraordinary on-campus experiences or venture off campus to explore new localities.

Campus Life
There's something for everyone at Wesleyan! Students are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of activities and organizations. Wesleyan men and women may participate in any of the more than 70 clubs and organizations, 17 intercollegiate sports, a competitive intramural program, various vocal and instrumental groups, forensics and drama productions.

Every Tuesday of the academic year, the campus community is invited to inter-denominational worship at Wesley Chapel. The Bonner Scholar Program and the Office of Volunteer Programs coordinate community service activities on and off campus, in which a majority of the students participate.

An active Greek life is evident on campus, with six fraternities and five sororities. Each weekend, entertainment options such as concerts, variety shows, comedians, dances, and box office films are presented. Students also enjoy the endless recreational opportunities located in proximity to the campus, including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, caving, and whitewater rafting.

Facilities and Resources
Wesleyan's campus facilities are among the most comprehensive and modern in the region. Wesley Chapel, with its soaring steeple and Georgian design, sets the architectural style of the 80 acre campus. In all, some 32 buildings are owned and operated by the College, including eight academic buildings and ten residence halls.

The Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library is a spacious, modern facility that contains 105,000 volumes, more than 700 periodicals, and 10,000 media materials. Situated in the center of campus is the Martin Religious Center and Wesley Chapel, the largest United Methodist sanctuary in West Virginia.

The Career Services Center works individually with students in assisting with job placement, study abroad, and internships. Students can receive personal and educational guidance and health services at the Counseling and Wellness Center. The Learning Center provides resources and learning aids for students of all abilities.

Recently renovated, the Benedum Campus and Community Center houses spaces for student-faculty member interaction, an indoor pool, student development offices, the career counseling center, a convenience store, bookstore, coffee bar, and entertainment center.

Athletics/Sports / Coaches Directory
The John D. Rockefeller IV Physical Education Center is one of the finest small college sports complexes in the country. Its main gymnasium, seating more than 3,700 spectators, accommodates intercollegiate basketball and volleyball. The Center also contains an auxiliary gym, an indoor Astroturf facility, an anatomy and physiology lab, athletic training rooms, racquetball courts, an indoor tennis court, an indoor golf practice area, sauna baths, a dance studio, a cheerleading room, and exercise rooms. Playing fields, an all-weather outdoor track, a sand volleyball court, and outdoor tennis courts complement Wesleyan's indoor athletic facilities.

Rockefeller Center is home of the College's 17 intercollegiate varsity sports, an adult fitness program, and an extensive intramural program. Wesleyan's NCAA Division II Athletic teams include basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, tennis, and track and field for both men and women; baseball, football, and golf for men; and softball and volleyball for women.

Financial Aid / Scholarships
Wesleyan awards aid on the basis of scholastic achievement, special talents and abilities, and financial need. Student employment is available in almost all areas of the College community, financed through institutional and federal funds. An applicant for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as Wesleyan's Application for Admission. To be eligible for institutional financial aid, a student must be enrolled full time and must accumulate a minimum grade point average of 2.0. A financial aid counselor helps the student to develop the best financial aid plan for his or her need. Currently, 85 percent of all Wesleyan students receive some kind of financial assistance.

Admission Requirements / Application
Wesleyan seeks students who have proven academic capabilities combined with talents or achievements that would enrich the quality of life on campus. Students are selected by the Office on the basis of their high school academic record, test results, recommendations, and other supporting information. Secondary school preparation consisting of 16 or more academic units is required. All candidates must take the SAT or ACT and submit a secondary school transcript along with the completed application form. Applicants for admission are considered on an individual basis without regard to race, religion, geographic origin, or handicap. Essays and campus interviews may be required and are strongly recommended.

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