Suomi College 
601 Quincy Street 
Hancock, MI 49930
(906) 487-7274 or 
(800) 682-7604 
FAX: (906) 487-7383

226 women/115 men 
35 women/11 men 

Number who applied: 
Number accepted: 
Number enrolled: 
Average SAT scores: 
Average ACT score: 
Average GPA: 
2.35 (weighted) 
2.5 (unweighted) 
Freshman retention rate: 

1998-1999 COSTS: 
Room and Board: 
Fees, books, misc.: 

Freshmen receiving aid: 
Average financial aid package: 

Student-faculty ratio: 

Suomi College has 58 faculty members that hold degrees from more than 30 different universities creating a diverse and dynamic academic atmosphere. Faculty members at Suomi College are committed to excellence in teaching and to a personalized focus on the students. There are no graduate assistants at Suomi College and with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, professors are available to work closely with students, providing academic and personal support. Many members of the faculty continue to work in their chosen fields, thus enriching their dedication to teaching. Because of their work experience, the faculty are knowledgeable not only about theories, but also about how these theories are used in the workplace. Faculty members serve as academic advisors and maintain convenient office hours. 

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Suomi College  
601 Quincy Street 
Hancock, MI 49930

Suomi College
Old Main. Completed in 1899, it was the first building on
the Suomi College campus. It is built of red sandstone,
native to the Copper Country.

College Description 
Founded by Finnish immigrants in 1896, Suomi College is the only private college in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is one of only 28 colleges in the United States that are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and remains the only college founded by Finns in the United States. Suomi College provides a college education in a Christian environment, but is nonsectarian in its instruction, counseling, and campus religious services. Suomi College offers personalized educational opportunities to men and women seeking a quality post-secondary education rooted in the liberal arts and an education designed to foster the abilities necessary for responsible citizenship, academic competence, and career success. Suomi College offers programs in liberal education, career education, talent development, and continuing/lifelong learning. The College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the Michigan Commission on College Accreditation, and the Michigan Department of Public Instruction. In addition, the College holds membership in the Lutheran Education Conference of North America, the Michigan Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the American Council on Education. 

Academic Life 
The educational experience at Suomi College focuses on providing students with a broad academic experience with courses taken both inside and outside their major concentration. Graduation from Suomi College at the associate level requires students to have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, and complete the required amount of hours for the specific program enrolled. As a liberal arts college, Suomi College believes that the attainment of certain skills is essential to leading an aware, productive, healthy, and satisfying life. Suomi College, therefore, requires a core curriculum, approved by MACRAO, for all degrees. Within the core curriculum areas, students have an element of choice. Many programs offer the opportunity to gain work experience and to put classroom knowledge into practice through internships. One to six credits can be earned, depending on the program. Students who believe they have already learned the content of a course may request an examination for credit. A maximum of 16 hours of credit may be earned in this fashion and applied toward degree requirements. Students may also earn credits through advanced placement. Suomi College offers bachelor's degrees in: Art and Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration), and Rural Human Services (Bachelor of Arts); associate degrees in English, Fine Arts, Finnish Studies, History, Liberal Studies, Pre-Education, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law, Social Science (Associate in Arts); associate degree in Science (Associate in Science); associate degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant (Associate in Applied Science); and Associate in General Studies. 

Campus Life 
Knowing how to get along with others is important to the success of any endeavor. At Suomi College, campus living is a means of gaining a deeper understanding of one's self and others. Students have opportunities to develop friendships with people from diverse backgrounds. Activities are provided for students to develop their individual talents and interests. Activities include; Student Senate, African-American Student Association, Students In Service United, Peer Judicial Review Board, Suomi Business Students, Student Newspaper, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Swimming, Concerts, Choir, Stage Productions, Chapel Services, Religious Life Committee, and Bible Study. 

Facilities and Resources 
The Sulo and Aileen Maki Library on the campus of Suomi College contains a carefully selected collection of more than 40,000 books, 350 magazine titles, and 16,300 audiovisual materials. The library has access to a regional computerized system, interlibrary loans, and Internet accessibility. The Finnish-American Heritage Center holds facilities for the visual arts, performing arts, lectures, and interactive exhibits. Suomi College has two academic buildings and the Paavo Nurmi Physical Education Center for students to enhance their learning experience. The Art and Design programs have their own facility to work in with a pottery lab, wood lab, metal lab, fiber lab, drawing lab, interactive computing lab, and studios for students to utilize for their works. Suomi College recognizes that students come to college with a varying academic needs and abilities. To help all students reach their optimum potential, Suomi College offers peer and professional tutoring, a teaching/ learning center, student support services, the pro-college program, the English as a second language program, and the learning disabilities programs. Suomi College also offers personal counseling and career planning. 

Financial Aid 
Suomi College supports the philosophy that every student should have the opportunity to attend college, regardless of their family's financial circumstances. Approximately 92 percent of Suomi College students receive financial aid. This aid includes grants, scholarships, loans, and on-campus employment (work-study). All students are encouraged to apply for aid. Last year, in addition to federal, state, and private financial aid, Suomi College awarded more than $800,000 in need and merit-based institutional grants. This institutional aid is awarded to students from lower, middle, and upper-income families. With such excellent financial aid packages, the cost of attending Suomi College is competitive with most public universities. All accepted students may be considered for federal and institutional funded assistance. Michigan residents may apply for state-funded programs. Students must apply for aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1 to receive priority consideration for need based aid. Michigan residents are urged to submit these forms by February 15 to maximize state-funded aid. 

Admission Requirements 
To be accepted as a student at Suomi College, an applicant must have the academic ability and background for work on the college level. In order to be considered for acceptance, students must provide the completed application, transcripts from all high schools, and colleges attended (or an official copy of their GED equivalency exam), the $20 application fee and ACT or SAT I scores. Students who have a 2.0 grade point average in high school college preparatory courses and who provide acceptable ACT or SAT I scores are considered for regular admission. The admission requirements for the baccalaureate programs are higher than those of regular acceptance (please contact the office of admissions for requirements). Students not meeting these requirements are scheduled to take institutional testing and submit letters of recommendation in order to determine admission status. The above listed requirements will satisfy most associate degree-level programs with the exception of the nursing and physical therapist assistant programs. These programs require a 2.5 grade point average or better, and students must have completed one year of both high school algebra and chemistry with a minimum grade of B. 

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