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A.D.- Charles McClelland

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The ultimate mission of the Prairie View A&M University Athletics Department as an integral part of the total educational program, is to insure and enhance the quality of life for students by providing competitive activities that will produce young men and women able to enter the community and become constructive, contributing members of society.

With special concern for students of all ethnic groups and varied backgrounds, Prairie View A&M University will assist students to help themselves to realize their full potential relative to their growth and development. Being aware of the influences of the total environment and its recognized role as molder of men and women, the Athletics Department strives to provide students with competitive and diversified programs designed to teach athletic skills and instill good character and sound values.

Mens's Team Coaches
Baseball Michael Robertson 936-857-4290
Basketball Darrel Hawkins 936-857-4918
Cross Country Clifton Gilliard 936-857-4398
Football Henry Frazier III 936-857-2191
Golf Andrew Bourgeois 936-857-2196
Tennis John Cochran 936-857-2127
Track Clifton Gilliard 936-857-4398

Women's Team Coaches
Basketball Cynthia Cooper-Dyke 936-857-2115
Bowling Glenn White 832-721-0675
Cross Country Essie Washington 936-857-4319
Golf Andrew Bourgeois 936-857-2196
Soccer Felicia Tarver-Davis 936-857-4421
Softball Raymond Burgess 936-857-4654
Tennis John Cochran 936-857-2127
Track Essie Washington 936-857-4319
Volleyball Alicia Pete 936-857-4416