Bunker Hill Community College
250 New Rutherford Ave.
Boston, MA 02129



2009-2010 COSTS:
$190 per credit (resident)
$390 per credit (non-resident)

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Bunker Hill Community College
Boston, MA 02129

College Description
A public institution of higher education, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) offers wide-ranging workforce education curricula interwoven throughout comprehensive programs and courses of study, including nursing and allied health, an extensive information technology program, criminal justice, hospitality and culinary arts, business, and early childhood development. Accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, BHCC supports open access to postsecondary education by providing a strong liberal arts foundation and a range of educational opportunities that include distance learning, self-directed learning, an Honors Program, and, for nonnative English-speaking students, a variety of levels of English as a second language (ESL) instruction. BHCC graduates have gone on to continue their education at many four-year institutions, including the University of Massachusetts, Brandeis University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Smith College, Suffolk University, and Wellesley College. BHCC seeks to enhance its position as a primary educational and economic asset for the commonwealth through cooperative planning and program implementation involving neighboring institutions of higher education, the public schools, community organizations, and area businesses and industries.

Academic Life
BHCC offers numerous programs of study. They include Associate in Arts (A.A.) degrees, Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees, and certificate programs. Associate in Arts concentrations are designed to permit the student to transfer smoothly to four-year colleges and universities. Although extreme care has been taken in fashioning these transfer-focused degrees, students are advised to consult the institution to which they wish to transfer to ensure the wisest choice of courses at BHCC. These students should also work with the BHCC transfer counselor and academic advisers in planning both the curriculum at BHCC and the transfer process.

Associate in Science programs are designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for employment at the conclusion of the associate degree. In addition to employment preparation, many Associate in Science programs have transfer options. To ensure smooth transfer to four-year programs, students are advised to consult the institution to which they wish to transfer.

A wide variety of certificate programs provide skills training and job-upgrade opportunities for students who successfully complete these programs.

The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to study and learn in an academically challenging and enriching learning environment.

All programs of study include courses from three requirement areas: general education requirements, career or liberal arts electives, and program requirements, which are outlined in each program grid included on the College's Web site and in the College catalog. Each degree or certificate has requirements for courses and number of credits taken.

BHCC offers a range of educational opportunities at its five satellite campuses, each intended to serve the distinct needs and interests of the host communities–Cambridge, Chinatown, Revere, Somerville, and Boston's South End. The curricula available at the satellites allow students to prepare for workforce advancement while earning credits toward an associate degree or certificate in several of the wide variety of fields offered by the College. Programs include foundation courses that fulfill general education requirements as well as courses in response to community interest, such as offerings in computer technology,

The Prior Learning Assessment Program provides an opportunity to students to condense their time of study by granting credits for college-level knowledge and skills. This program assists students in examining their outside learning experiences and identifying those that might be considered for college credits. Common sources for this kind of learning are jobs, volunteer work, skills training, workshops or study groups, and community involvement.

Students can earn college credits in four ways: portfolio evaluation, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), military evaluation, and departmental challenge exams.

There are 120 full-time faculty members and more than 200 adjunct faculty members at BHCC. The student-faculty ratio is 30:1.

Majors and Degrees
Associate Degree Programs: Associate in Arts degrees are available in biological science, business, chemical science, communication, computer information systems, computer science, education, English, fine arts, foreign language, general concentration, history and government, human services, mathematics, music, physics/engineering, psychology, sociology, and theater. Students enrolling in any A.A. degree program can earn world studies emphasis certification simultaneously.

Associate in Science degrees are offered in business administration (accounting, finance, international business, management), computer information technology (computer support specialist studies, database programming and administration, network technology and administration), criminal justice, culinary arts, early childhood development, fire protection and safety, graphic arts and visual communication, hotel/restaurant/travel (hotel/restaurant management, travel and tourism management), human services, media technology, medical imaging (medical imaging core curriculum, cardiac sonography, medical radiography, medical radiography–part-time evening), nursing (day, evening, or weekend), office management (administrative information management, medical information management), and pharmacy technology.

Certificate Programs: Certificates are available in allied health (medical assistant studies, medical lab assistant studies, patient-care assistant studies, phlebotomy technician studies), business administration (accounting, computer-based accounting, e-commerce marketing management, international business, paralegal studies), computer information technology (computer support specialist studies, database programming and administration, network technology and administration, object-oriented computer programming and design certificate program), culinary arts, diagnostic medical sonography (ultrasound), early childhood development, office and information management (information management specialist studies, medical information management assistant studies), surgical technology (central processing (sterile processing and distribution management), surgical technology), and travel and tourism management.

Off Campus/ Study Abroad
Bunker Hill Community College has a comprehensive study-abroad program that allows students to experience different cultures. Each year, approximately twenty scholarships are awarded to further assist BHCC students in realizing their dream of studying abroad. Faculty, staff, and interested community members are also invited to take part in the programs, although scholarships are available only to qualified BHCC students.

Campus Life
Bunker Hill Community College has an active student life program. The activities coordinated through the Student Activities and Athletics Office provide students with the opportunity to have fun, meet people, and make a difference in campus life at the College. BHCC celebrates cultural diversity and encourages cultural interaction.

There are more than twenty-eight student organizations and athletic teams at Bunker Hill Community College, which provide the campus with social, cultural, and educational programs as well as competitive sports, intramural/recreational programs, and leisure-time activities. New members are always welcome.

Student clubs and organizations include ACT (Activism, Commitment, and Teamwork); African-American Cultural Society; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Arab Students Association; Asian-Pacific Students Association; Campus Activities Board; Campus Crusade for Christ/Real Life Club; Computer Science Club; Criminal Justice Club; Disabled Students Activities Club; Drama Club; Environmental Club; Epsilon Science Club; Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Union; Haitian Club; Hospitality Club; International Students Club; Italian-American Society; Investment Club; Latinos Unidos Club; Music Club; Nursing Mentor; Student Government; Television Production Club; Upsidedown Club; and WBCC radio.

Bunker Hill Community College is one of the more diverse and cosmopolitan colleges in New England. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is here to ensure that all people who work, attend school and use the College campuses are treated with respect and are able to pursue their endeavors without experiencing incidents of discrimination or undue impediments, barriers or obstacles. The Office ensures this through the enforcement of the College's nondiscrimination policies and the coordination of educational opportunities and programs open to all in the community.

Facilities and Resources
Facilities available at BHCC include the library and information center, advising and counseling center, tutoring and academic support center, career center, international center, and academic computing center.

Sports/Varsity Athletics
Athletic programs provide opportunities for students to participate in competitive or recreational activities on the intercollegiate and intramural levels. The Intercollegiate Athletic Program consists of men's soccer, baseball, and basketball and women's soccer, softball, and basketball. The Intramural Athletic Program includes basketball, flag football, table tennis, tennis, and walk/jog.

Tuition cost is $190 per credit hour for state residents and $390 per credit hour for non-residents.

Financial Aid/ Scholarships
The Financial Aid Office at Bunker Hill Community College assists students and their families in meeting the costs of a college education. Bunker Hill Community College participates in a wide variety of federal, state, and private financial aid programs. Students should be aware that all institutions, including Bunker Hill Community College, are subject to adjustments in funding allocations from both the commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Department of Education.

In order to be eligible for financial aid, an applicant must be a United States citizen or an eligible noncitizen enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program. In addition, the applicant must maintain satisfactory academic progress, comply with Federal Selective Service Law, and not be in default on any educational loans or owe a refund on any federal grants or loans to any institution. Students who have obtained a previous bachelor's degree at any U.S. or international institution are not eligible for financial aid.

Financial aid awards are subject to change if any of the factors used to calculate eligibility from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) change after the date of original application. Other examples of factors that impact eligibility include increases in income and changes in family size and/or in the number of family members enrolled in college. Students are strongly advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office if they are contemplating a change in enrollment status.

Admission Requirements/Application
All students admitted to degree or certificate programs are required to take computerized placement tests (CPTs) in English, reading, and mathematics. The purpose of the tests is to determine the levels at which students will begin their study. Based upon test results, the College may prescribe development courses or limit a student's enrollment, in an effort to enhance that student's ability to succeed. Applicants to health careers and technical programs must comply with program entrance requirements and application deadlines.

Although the College has a rolling admissions process, students should contact the Admissions and Transfer Counseling Office for program-specific application deadlines.

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